ICCA 2017- First International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence

The First International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence will take place in Porto, Portugal from 26th to 28th of January 2017.

ICCA 2017’s (International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence) main goal is to provide an important contribution so that the known shortcomings on the studies on social issues related to childhood are recognised and answered through an approach that provides the sharing of knowledge and know-how between different fields that, through different perspectives, focus on promoting happier and healthier childhoods.

The crossing of these different perspectives will be achieved through the participation of students, professionals and researchers from different backgrounds and whose interests are focused on issues related to childhood and adolescence. 

Arts, Law, Pediatrics, Sports Science, Sociology, Education Studies, Family Medicine, Nutrition,  Psychology, Psychiatry, Nutrition Sciences, Social Work, and Speech Therapy are some of the scientific areas to which you can submit your abstract.  

The accepted abstracts will be presented as posters or as presentation papers depending on the their evaluation scores.


Call for papers are now open till November 15th.

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