With Children - For Children 18-19 Nov European Parliament

Demonstrating participatory practice to deliver children’s rights in Europe

Update: Read about the outcome of the event here


Special series of activities held at the European Parliament in the lead up to the United Nations Universal Children’s Rights Day on 20th November.

Over the two days, a delegation of 20 children from various countries, including Bulgaria, Kosovo, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Italy and the UK will meet EU decision makers in Brussels and share their experiences of participating in decision making.

Workshop: 18th November 2015 from 15:00 - 17:30, Library Reading Room

The workshop will include concrete examples of participatory practice presented and shared by children and young people, and offers a unique opportunity to explore how participatory methods can be used at EU level.


Book Launch: 18th November 2015 from 17:30 – 18:30, Library Reading Room

Launch of a new book: ‘The EU as a Children's Rights Actor: Law, Policy and Structural Dimensions’ (2015, edited by Ingi Iusmen and Helen Stalford)

This will provide an opportunity to learn more about how children’s rights can be brought to bear on a range of legal, policy and procedural issues at EU level, and to talk to children, young people and adults about their research and campaign activities.

The book launch is open to everyone. Cakes and drinks provided.


Breakfast Meeting: 19 November 2015 from 08:00 - 09:00, Members Salon


Look here for the complete programme.



The proposed events represent a collaboration between Eurochild, the European Children’s Rights Unit (University of Liverpool), the Department of Politics and International Relations (University of Southampton), the Universal Education Foundation, the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group and the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights, hosted by its member Julie Ward MEP.

The initiatives in which children have participated and which will be shared at the meetings are:

CATS, which stands for “Children as Actors for Transforming Society” is a programme promoting child participation worldwide. It gathers a vibrant international community in a yearly flagship conference, where children and adults come together to forge intergenerational partnerships for a more just, inclusive and sustainable society. CATS is recognized as an exemplar of good practice by constantly striving to involve children in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all components of its programme. CATS provides the necessary environment and resources to support children’s delegations so that they feel prepared and confident in their interaction with adults in decision¬making. As an ongoing programme, CATS will allow each year to build on the experience of the preceding year, creating an ongoing relationship loop with the European Parliament. This year, Julie Ward MEP was present at CATS and encouraged the children and young participants to engage with the European Parliament. CATS is organised by 5 core partners, Initiatives of Change France, Child to Child, Universal Education Foundation, Eurochild, and the Caux Foundation.

A two year Seminar Series funded by the Economic and Social Research Council on the theme of “European Responses to Global Children’s Rights Issues: Exchanging Knowledge and Building Capacity” (Nov 2013¬ - July 2015). This series of six seminars stimulated critical discussion and interdisciplinary exchange relating to the role of the European institutions – notably the European Union and the Council of Europe - in shaping children’s rights. Topics covered included: child friendly justice, violence against children, children as consumers, child migration and child employment. The seminars used a variety of innovative methods to directly involve children and young people in assessing the impact of European measures on their lived experiences.


Contact: If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Witt, Eurochild by email.