A Fundamentally Different Approach is Needed

Joint Statement to the European Committee on Legal Co-Operation of the Council of Europe on the codification of European Rules for the Conditions of Administrative Detention of Migrants

Eurochild joins a collective of 53 organizations raising concerns over Council of Europe rules for Administrative Detention of Migrants and asking for a different approach to the detention of migrants in Europe.

In advance of a consultation with key civil society stakeholders from 22-23 June 2017 at the Council of Europe Headquarters in Strasbourg, over 30 national, regional and international civil society organisations have drafted a joint statement, which will be presented to the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ) who is carrying out a codifying exercise on a detailed set of immigration detention rules based on existing international and regional human rights standards relating to the conditions of detention of migrants.

The statement is divided in 5 main points:

- Envision a fundamentally different regime

- Reinforce a broader set of fundamental human rights

- Clarify that administrative immigration detention is never acceptable for migrants in situations of particular        

- Call for the priority application of alternative measures to detention

- Strengthen safeguards regarding access to and monitoring of places of immigration detention

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