Children speaking up at the Open Government Partnership Summit

Eurochild and Save the Children ran a Roundtable session 'Children Speaking Up: developing meaningful engagement with government' at the Open Government Partnership Summit (OGP).

The Partnership gathered in Paris (8-9 December 2016) with 70 member countries and hundreds of civil society organizations that promote transparency, citizen participation and democratic innovation.

A young person, Grégoire Quelain, who has worked with Eurochild's member organisation Solidarité Laïque, contributed to the round table by sharing his experiences of being involved in a local youth council since 2014. He stressed the importance for children and young people to participate in local decision making and to encourage them to participate in local projects and create spaces for discussion. 

At the roundtable a video was shown with statements from children from across the world, including children who have been involved in activities and projects with Eurochild.

The OGP participants have committed that governments engage with groups of the public that are subject to exclusion and/or unable to express their views in other ways and in particular focused this commitment on children and young people. The OGP recommends that:

governments should affirm public commitment to involving children, young people and young adults in all decision that affect them

set out clear standards for the involvement of children and young people - drawing on international good practices

work with a group of children and young people to assess the current participation opportunities and to identify future areas of development

develop training for professionals working with young people and for decision makers to encourage children and young people’s participation.

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