Children’s participation at the highest levels is possible!

June 2017 eNews Bulletin: Editorial

To showcase this, we supported the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights this week to involve children in their symposium on fundamental rights in Europe. Participants were confronted with tough questions and novel viewpoints of children on how Europe is addressing poverty and migration.
We invite you to watch the videos featuring children’s viewpoints.

At the start of the Brexit negotiations earlier this month, over 2,000 European children’s rights organisations signed a statement supporting UK and Irish children’s rights coalitions’ demand for greater space for children’s voices to be heard and children’s rights to be brought to the negotiating table.

And finally, we are delighted to introduce you to our new member! Read our interview with Ricardo Ibarra, Director of Plataforma de Infancia which is the Spanish coalition for children’s rights! Ricardo speaks about the participatory approaches they have and how they monitor political developments and their impact on children.

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- Watch the videos with the children's views on Poverty and Migration.

- Click here for the recordings from the FRA Symposium live streaming.