Effective child protection system depends on poverty reduction and strong local services

Eurochild's member Children in Scotland highlights the importance of investing in children's services within the local community to avoid children being removed from their families.

The Scottish Government announced its response to the Child Protection Systems Review Report. Among a raft of actions, Minister for Childcare and Early Years Mark McDonald said the government would introduce new legislation to criminalise emotional abuse and neglect of children

Children in Scotland Chief Executive Jackie Brock, author of the 2014 Brock Report which reported on the state of the Scottish child protection system, also reflected on the importance of investment, support for communities, and early intervention.  

“We hope the Scottish Government acknowledges that the effectiveness of our child protection system and services relies on investment and support for children's services within the local community. Evidence is clear that families living in poverty are far more likely to have their children removed from them than those who are better off. 

"With this in mind, we continue to be deeply concerned by the UK Government's attacks on our benefits system and the cuts facing local authorities and their partners. The Scottish Government must address these challenges if the specific recommendations of the review are to be implemented successfully.”

The Child Protection Systems review group is to be reconvened in April 2018 to review progress on the recommendations.

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