Eurochild brings young delegates to CATS Conference

CATS is a global conference on child participation co-led and co-organised by adults, children and young people

Eurochild children’s delegations from Cyprus, Malta, Sweden, Croatia and Italy participated in CATS (Children as Actors for Transforming Society) from 26 July to 2 August. CATS is a conference where delegates showcase their work on involving children in decision-making and in the implementation of projects that affect them. The conference hosted adults, children and young people from all over the world:  America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

On the opening day, a workshop attended by adults and children was co-led by Eurochild staff and young delegates. The workshop taught important children’s rights through playing the Eurochild Children’s Rights Card Game. The game raised a lot of enthusiasm on learning about children’s rights and the fun of playing and triggered the curiosity of extra delegates who asked to learn the game.

The atmosphere was thriving with positive energy, which made everyone participate, but also ensured that there was space for fun and creative activities. Each day had a different theme: education, health, advocacy, media and justice. After plenary sessions children and adults jointly participated in workshops on children’s advocacy, media, flower-composition and theatre. Participants took part in service shifts and joyfully served meals and drink to over 400 people each time. “#gottolovesCATS”  (tweeted a Cypriot girl)

Eurochild young delegates worked on the feedback given by Eurochild regarding recommendations prepared at the Eurochild Annual Conference 2013 on children’s participation. They gave some suggestion on what Eurochild’s top priorities for the future should be: as teaching children’s rights at schools to children, but also trainings to professionals working with children. The suggestions will be considered when planning Eurochild’s future work.


See some pictures of CATS