European Semester 2017: Commission publishes Country Reports

The country reports provide an overview of economic and social developments in each EU Member States.

On February 22, the European Commission released its 2017 Country Reports, which provide an analysis of economic and social policies in each EU Member State. Eurochild will be working on a detailed assessment of the country reports.

The country reports will be followed by the National Reform Programmes, to be developed by governments, which will include policies and measures aimed at reaching the Europe 2020 goals. The European Semester cycle remains an important platform to discuss investing in children, as well as to promote children’s rights within the broader macro-economic agenda. 

A useful infographic on the European Semester can be found here, and more background information is available on the Commission’s website.

Click here to read the Country Reports.

Click here to read the Eurochild 2016 Report on the European Semester.