For the respect of secularism

Eurochild's French member Solidarité Laïque joins NGOs statement on the importance of secularism in a time of fear, xenophobia and racism.

9 December 2016.  On the occasion of the anniversary of the promulgation of the 1905 Law of Separation of the Churches and the State, Solidarité Laïque joins other organizations in the call for the full respect of the principle of secularism, a peace, unity and freedom principle.

'' Saying that secularism is not in a good shape is an euphemism: it is manhandled, manipulated, vilified. We no longer dare asserting secularism because of the fear of being misunderstood. Principle of peace, it has become a subject of discord. Principle of unity beyond differences, it is used to assign identity purposes''.

Being secular means recognising that the State ensures at the same time freedom of conscience - as a believer or not - and the free exercise of worship. Being secular means asserting that the State must not recognise, pay or subsidize any religion.

Click here to read the full statement (in French).