Four new candidate members to join Eurochild

Nexem, Hayat Sende, Refugee Rights Data Projects and Legal-Informational Centre for NGOs – Slovenia will be considered for endorsement at the next General Assembly in April.

The four organisations were approved by the Management Board. Here is a short introduction to them:



Nexem is an umbrella organisation representing the employers of the non-for-profit social services sector in France (persons with disabilities, older people, child protection, social inclusion and health services). Nexem aims at contributing to the development of public policies to best respond to the changing challenges of the sector. It exchanges with the legislator and government agencies, as well as central and local administrations to support the development of adequate public policies affecting services provision.

Hayat Sende Gençlik Akademisi


Founded by a group of idealist care leavers in 2007, Hayat Sende Gençlik Akademisi empowers children and young people living in care and care leavers by increasing their human resource and life skills and integrates them into society with equal and strong footing. The children and young people of the Academy can benefit from training and certificate programs that increase their employability, communication, teamwork and leadership skills. The Academy aims at combating negative discrimination affecting these children and youngsters in the media and public. The Academy raises awareness on this issue through different activities (campaigns, workshops, study visits, etc.); it also defends their rights via lobbying and advocacy efforts.

Refugee Rights Data Projects


Refugee Rights Data Project (RRDP) is a non-governmental human rights organisation which aims to fill information gaps relating to refugees and displaced people in Europe by conducting its own independent field research. RRDP's objective it to provide influencers and policymakers with a powerful tool – enabling them to identify specific problem areas and work towards formulating a sustainable response to the humanitarian crisis and to reach a firm policy action that upholds the human rights of refugees and displaced people.

Legal-Informational Centre for NGOs (PIC)


PIC provides professional legal support to individuals, vulnerable groups and non-governmental organisations in exercising and protecting their rights and strengthening their position in the society. PIC's activities include legal assistance, advocacy, informing, training, encouraging civil dialogue, national and international projects, involvement in policy-making and decision-making processes. ¬PIC is participating in decision-making processes, working bodies, committees, networks and forums, in order to advance the position of non-governmental organisations in Slovenia and increase their influence on decision-making. It encourages socially responsible and active citizenship.

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