French federation releases manifesto for presidential elections

CNAPE, Eurochild’s National Partner Network in France, has produced its manifesto for the Presidential election candidates.

Photo by CNAPE: Oullins Children Council at the French Senate

It demands a vision from each presidential candidate that supports children and young people to develop find their way in a society that is more attentive and welcoming towards them.

In its 7-point manifesto, the federation of associations for the protection of children, demands greater investment in preventative care, a space for expression and children’s participation, social impact assessments, social innovation policies supporting associations and people supported by those associations and the promotion of knowledge and expertise in child and youth development. 

CNAPE is composed of 122 organisations, 11 federations and movements. It is run by 8,000 volunteers and 28,000 professionals who receive more than 250,000 children, adolescents and adults in need each year. 

National partner networks are the ‘go-to’ coalitions or network of coalitions in their country and they have a pivotal role in supporting the Eurochild network’s advocacy at national level. 

Read the manifesto (in French)