New report on the conditions in the refugee camp of Schisto released

Eurochild member from Greece, Network for Children’s Rights, releases report on Schisto refugee camp and raises concerns over children safety, education and quality of life.

The Schisto camp for asylum seekers is one of the largest in Greece and has a capacity of 2000 persons.

Since it is not well connected with the city centre, its residents become ghetto ghettoised and it makes it difficult for them to integrate into Greek society.

Poor and insufficient housing and sanitary conditions are criticised together with low quantity and quality food provision.

The Network raises concerns on privacy and security issues for the women and children of the camp.
Children also do not receive proper education in school, but only a rudimentary tutoring inside the camp.

Cases of attack and abuse towards women and children were registered. 

Not only are the best interests of children not given priority, they do not feature at all in any stipulations regarding the living conditions of refugees.

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