Putting children’s rights at the heart of French presidential elections

The French presidential election will be held on 23 April 2017.

With slightly more than 30 days till the first round of the French presidential elections, civil society organisations, including Eurochild member Solidarité Laique, have reunited as part of a collective ‘Agir ensemble pour les droits de l’enfant (AEDE) to put children’s rights at the heart of the electoral debate in the presidential campaign race. 

In a white book entitled ‘For a Republic that guarantees children’s rights’, these organisations put forward their recommendations to the candidates and future members of the government and parliament to ensure that France becomes more respectful towards the rights of all children. Children and young people themselves have been engaged in this work through national consultation. 

A document featuring 12 recommendations from the AEDE has also been shared, along with a document explaining what the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child prohibits, to put a spotlight on the non-conformity of certain proposals of candidates

You can follow the work of this collective on their website, or their Facebook or Twitter

Download the ‘White Book’ or “Livre Blanc” (in French) here.

Download the 12 recommendations of AEDE (in French) here

Download the document ‘Ce que la CIDE prohibe” here.