Reflecting on 2017

Every year, we reflect on the work of the network in its efforts of putting children at the heart of Europe

With over 165 members, the Eurochild network drives on its diversity, expertise and ability to connect and share – practices, approaches, challenges and successes! This is a moment in the year, when we focus on the successes!

This year, we saw the first Eurochild Children’s Council take shape. Starting with the General Assembly in April, where children themselves supported the development of the new Child Participation Strategy, to the high level debate marking Universal Children’s Day in the European Parliament, we are making great strides in bringing children’s participation closer to our leaders while embedding it in our own work.

When a child is in need of support, our systems should be attuned to react, with the child’s best interest in mind. This year, we dug deeper into child protection systems in Europe. Following a year of research, with pilot studies in Malta and Romania, our Childonomics project has delivered critical interest among governments to recognize how they can improve spending by looking more closely at the outcomes for children and families. Meanwhile, our national campaign coordinators continue to advocate for better policies and funds for children in alternative care through the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign.

Throughout the year, we produced quality reflections and reactions to policies in the making, with useful input from our members. We offered children’s rights perspective on varied policies, from European Pillar of Social Rights to the Brexit negotiations. With our annual report on the European Semester which will be launched before the end of 2017, we hope to bring useful recommendations for the next cycle of economic policies to help reduce levels of child poverty in Europe.

Share your successes!

Members are invited to share their successes at national or local level with us! Whether it was an event, campaign, report or even a meeting, if it helped you to bring greater recognition or specific change in any area of children’s rights, share it with us! Write to us about your successful moment that you are proud of, in a maximum of 300 words and a photo/video latest by 12 January. We will be sharing these proud moments early next year!

Thanks to members, children and young people, partners, collaborators and all others who supported us this year! We wish you all a rejuvenating break.