Towards an effective implementation of community based child care services

On 23 and 24 November 2017, FICE Spain held the Conference “Towards an effective implementation of community-based services in the system of child care” in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain)

The Conference aimed at promoting an effective transition towards community-based services in children and youth care sector and specifically to raise awareness regarding effective implementation of community-based care services; to contextualise new national legislation with current EU trends and frameworks on deinstitutionalisation and to share good practices encouraging its effective implementation. 

The Conference was opened by the President of FICE Spain, the President of Kamira S.Coop and a representative of Social Issues from Navarra Government. At the opening FICE Spain was presented as well as the objectives and structure of the conference.

On the first day, a panel focused on the current EU framework on the transition towards community-based care.  Jana Hainsworth, Secretary General of Eurochild, presented the European framework EU 2020 Strategy on deinstitutionalisation (DI), Sabrina Ferraina, Policy Adviser at EASPD, presented the EU Guidelines on the transition from institutional to community-based care, Ines Bulic , Policy officer of ENIL, presented the toolkit on how to use EU Funds on the transition towards community based services. Participants showed high interest in learning strategies to direct EU funds towards DI in Spain.

The second panel opened discussion on the current national Spanish framework on the transition towards community-based services which helped set the Spanish reality in the issue. Julieta Moreno Torres-Sanchez, Legal adviser on childhood protection, Andalusia Regional Government, Spain, explained the contents of the new Organic Law amending the system of child and youth protection as of 22 July 2015. Adrian Gimeno, representing the socialist group in the childhood commission of the Spanish Parliament, presented the Spanish operative policies related to community-based services in child care and Miguel Angel Gurbindo Marín, Vice Principal of Family and Childhood, Navarra Government, made a presentation on community-based services in Navarra. 

The second day started with a presentation on the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children Campaign and its implementation at national and regional level in Catalonia held by Jordi Pascual Pelach, General Director of Fundación Plataforma Educativa, FICE Cataluña, followed by two presentations on research by Jorge Fernandez del Valle, PHD professor on psychosocial interventions by Oviedo University, and Carme Montserrat, Researcher of childhood care by Gerona University, with a focus on the situation of children in care in Spain from mental health and educative perspectives.

The Caixa Proinfancia Program, funded by la Caixa Foundation was presented by Ana Bustamante, Coordinator of the Caixa Proinfancia Program. This preventive programme of support for children and families promotes the social and educational development of children in poverty.

The last part of the conference consisted of several rounds of presentations of national good practices in the field of community-based services from different perspectives: children, work with families, care-leavers, independent living, preventive services/specialised alternative care services and youth participation from different Spanish regions (Catalonia, Navarra, Basque Country and Galicia).

The Conference had almost 60 participants with varied profiles ranging from social enterprises representatives, practitioners (social educators, phycologist educators, sociologists, researchers, teachers, policy makers, administration stakeholders from the child and youth care sector from different Spanish territories (Galicia, Canarias, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Catalonia) and especially from the Navarra region.

The two-day conference was supported by Eurochild, the National Coordinator of ‘Opening Doors for Europe’s Children’ Campaign in Spain, FICE Spain and hosted by the organisation Kamira. S. Coop.  The event received financial support from La Caixa Banking Foundation.