Young Carers: Every child has the right to

The 2nd International Young Carers Conference was held in Malmö, Sweden, on 29-31 May. Over 600 participants from around the world participated in the conference entitled “Every Child has the Right to….” and focused on the issues of children as next of kin.

The number of children and young carers in Europe are much higher than people often realise. An estimated 1 child in every 10 provides care for a family member. These children are often excluded from participating in their own lives; they often grow up in poverty and they often are in a situation where their wellbeing is not considered. The issue of young carers brings forth various children’s rights issues and a conference of this nature is essential to raise awareness.

Eurochild was present at the conference and delivered a presentation on the rights of the child, highlighting the three P’s of children’s rights: Provision, Protection and Participation, adding the fourth P, Play, to the mix. We also spoke about the work being done for children’s rights by both the European Union and the Council of Europe and explored ways for collaboration with other organisations, such as Eurocarers, to include young carers in our work at the European level.

For those interested, all key note speeches will be published online in the coming weeks.