Applying the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights to children’s rights in the EU

An assessment of the European Commission’s 2014 Report on the Application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and its contribution to protecting children’s rights in the EU

Every year the European Commission reports on the efforts of the European Union (EU) and the Member States to apply the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights . The Report documents progress made in translating the Charter into practice by providing examples of legislation, policy and case law. The rights of the child have a dedicated section under the ‘Equality’ title and are referenced across the other titles – Dignity, Freedoms, Solidarity, Citizen’s Rights and Justice.

In this paper, Eurochild analyses the report from the perspective of children’s rights.  Our analysis extracts the relevant references in the Report to children’s rights and then provides an assessment of some of the gaps or weaknesses. 

Our assessment is intended for all stakeholders interested in following the EU’s efforts in promoting and protecting children’s rights – in particular the membership of Eurochild. It also offers recommendations to EU-level policy makers committed to making the EU a more effective champion for children’s rights. 


Read the report here