Child Rights International Network (CRIN): Annual report 2015

CRIN’s annual report presents a global picture of children’s rights, wrapping up the past year’s new or persisting children’s rights issues with case studies from around the world

CRIN’s annual report aims to convey a sense of children’s rights globally and stir up action to address the structural failures which allow violations to continue. The report is based on information gathered throughout the year as part of CRIN's work to monitor what is happening in the news, at the UN and in law reform around the world.

Many of the stories this year come from the Middle East and North Africa; this is in part because of the news stories reaching the organization from the region, but also because CRIN's first regional office opened in Bethlehem in December 2014, and is supplying a much-needed children’s rights perspective from the ground.

Download here the report.