Children's Rights Alliance: Report Card 2010

In 2009, the Irish organisation awarded the Government an overall ‘D’ average grade. This year, matters are worse, with Government slipping to the bottom of that grade: to a ‘D-’.

In Report Card 2010 the Alliance continues its analysis of key Government commitments in the specific areas of education, health, material wellbeing, and safeguarding childhood. A new policy area has been added to the ‘Safeguarding Childhood’ section focusing on four aspects of the response to the Ryan Report; these have been awarded their own grade, indicating the distinct challenges of each.

This year, the Alliance has added a new dimension to Report Card 2010 by including a ‘Local Eye’ to each broad section. Its purpose is to highlight the ways in which the Government’s commitments have a direct effect on the daily lives of children. Other local or regional news stories, collated from a range of national and local papers, are listed as footnotes throughout the report.

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