EU conference on Investment Plan: Eurochild offers its child-centred strategy

Eurochild launches it vision for a child-centred investment strategy on EU conference "Education and the Investment Plan for Europe"

On 5 October, Eurochild attended the joint event of the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) "Education and the Investment Plan for Europe" and took this occasion to launch its vision for a child-centred investment strategy.

Eurochild argues that to achieve sustainable and equitable economic and social development, investments must prioritise education; early years policies; health promotion; community development and strengthening; and social protection and welfare support.

As a direct follow-up to Juncker's Investment Plan, the event aimed to raise awareness about the potential of education and research as investment priorities for large scale projects receiving support either from the EIB or from the newly established European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). 

Both European Commission Vice President Katainen and Commissioner Navracsics highlighted the lack of investment in human capital as an imminent problem. They showed commitment to promote investing in education as a means to tackle social exclusion, bringing examples such as investing in quality training for the teaching profession. 

The event raised the potential of leveraging European Structural and Investment Funds to complement the EFSI of the Juncker Plan, and the role of private investors in bringing missing liquidity to the projects. Eurochild intervened in the discussions raising the key messages in its working paper on a child-centred investment strategy including accountability from the perspective of stakeholder engagement in the implementation of the new Fund, and accountability of the State in safeguarding quality and sustainability of services even when private capital plays an important role in an investment project.


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