Solidarité Laïque: Agir pour le climat, c'est respecter mes droits!

This toolkit analyses to what extent climate issues can have a direct impact on children's rights

Aiming to armonise children's rights with the main themes for 2015, specially the fight against global warming, Solidarité Laïque and its members have developed the educational tool  "Agir pour le climat, c'est respecter mes droits!" (Climate action is to respect my rights!).

According to the French organisation, global warming is a worrying phenomenon, and has a direct impact on children and their rights: they are the future players and they're being the first affected.

The tool aims to:

  • Educate children and youth about the human impact on the climate and environment and its consequences.
  • Educate children and youth on children's rights;
  • Linking "Children's Rights" and "climate" and see to what extent climate issues impact the children's rights;
  • Encourage the participation and expression of children and youth on these issues and stimulate civic engagement for a more united world;
  • Be an advocacy tool to bring the voice of children and youth at the highest level and make their voices heard.

Toolkit available for download here (only in French)