Help us understand how children use the internet to stay safe!

Children and youth are increasingly turning to the Internet to be safe when at risk of experiencing harm offline or online.  

As a partner of the UN's Protection through Online Participation (PoP) initiative, Eurochild is exploring how children are accessing such online safety. We are working together with UN agencies, NGOs and industry to draft a set of recommendations to improve the mechanisms through which children and young people access resources, safety, and protection online, when at risk of experiencing any form of harm.

To do this, PoP partners are collecting evidence from the perspectives of the different stakeholders involved in the protection chain of support: helplines & services, children and youth, service providers, tech companies, protection community.

Now, we need your help to gather children’s views on how they are using online mechanisms to access safety when at risk.

If you are a Eurochild member or a child rights organisation, we'd love your support in disseminating this 5-10 minute anonymous survey to any children and young people you work with to help shape our understanding. The survey can be found here and is available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

If you are a child, we invite you to take the survey and tell us how you use the internet when you feel scared or unsafe.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Fabiola Bas Palomares, Lead Policy & Advocacy Officer on online safety.

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