• CONCORDIA Social Projects

    International organisation

    CONCORDIA Social Projects has set its goal to enable children to grow up happily to have independent lives. CONCORDIA gives them a safe home and opens up future chances for them through a well-founded education. It supervises, advises accompanies and helps quickly and directly in emergency situations. CONCORDIA supports families and brings them back together. In acute crises it offers children a secure possibility to grow up in a family-like environment with dependable caregivers in our facilities.


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  • Vorarlberger Kinderdorf GmbH

    National organisation - service provider

    Kinderdorf is a non profit humanitarian services organisation mainly financed by government sponsorship and donations which aims to provide services for children, adolescents and families in need. It was founded after World War II to take care of war orphans; however neglected and abused children have replaced orphans as target groups since then. In the 1980’s, the mission was extended to include services for children, adolescents and families services as well as projects for prevention.


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  • SOS Children's Villages International

    International organisation

    SOS Children’s Villages International is the umbrella organisation for more than 130 affiliated national SOS Children’s Village associations worldwide. It takes action for children as an independent, non-governmental and non-denominational social development organisation by providing family-based care for children who have lost their parents or can no longer live with them. SOS Children’s Villages also supports vulnerable children and their families through programmes aimed at ensuring that they have access to essential services and at providing health educational and psycho-social support.


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  • Sharon Schneider


    Sharon Schneider is affiliated amongst others with the Siegen University and INDOSOW (International Doctoral Studies in Social Work). She co-wrote studies on transcultural school social work practice and on implementation of the UN CRC.


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  • National Coalition for the Implementation of the UN CRC - Austria

    National Partner Network

    The Austrian National Coalition was established in 1997 on behalf of the first supplementary report on the Report of the Federal Republic of Austria to the United Nations. Focal points in their work are: education, youth welfare, unaccompanied refugee children, participation, child poverty, Federal Constitutional Law on the Rights of the Child, coordination, juvenile justice, violence, integration/migration, education on children’s rights, prevention, protection of children, children with a disability, health, international cooperation, child trafficking, child pornography and child prostitution, children and armed conflicts, international adoptions.


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22 December 2021

DataCare Country Overview - Austria

In the context of the DataCare project, key data on children in alternative care for each country in EU and the UK have been analysed to map how EU Member…
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