Eurochild produces policy briefings, working papers and reports on a variety of issues that affects the lives of children.

These policy briefings are produced by the Eurochild secretariat, often in collaboration or in consultation with the membership. The policy papers offer guidance to policy makers, researchers, professionals working with or for children.


Thematic Areas

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Children’s Rights Are Better Understood In Political And Public Life


Ending Child Poverty & Social Exclusion


Ending Institutional Care For All Children


Prioritising Early Childhood Development


Children’s Rights Are Better Understood In Political And Public Life

Eurochild wants to see greater recognition and understanding of children’s rights in the political and public domains, both at EU and national levels. Children can’t vote, but they have a key stake in Europe’s future. Realising children’s rights means to acknowledge and strengthen the role children have in shaping the world they live in.

Eurochild works with the EU institutions to ensure that children’s rights are visible in different policy portfolios. We contribute to crucial policy frameworks such as the EU strategy on the rights of the child and the EU Action Plan for the Pillar of Social Rights. We work together with our members to ensure recognition and respect for children’s rights at national level.

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19 February 2024

Roma children across Europe

Sub-report on Roma children's rights and needs based on assessments provided by Eurochild members in 26 countries. On the 20th of November - World Children’s Day - Eurochild released its latest report on…
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6 February 2024

Challenges and developments for children’s right to education across Europe

Sub-report on children’s right to access education based on assessments provided by Eurochild members in 19 countries. On the 20th of November - World Children’s Day - Eurochild released its latest report…
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5 February 2024

Paving the way to realise children’s rights online in Europe

Sub-report on children's rights online based on assessments provided by 32 Eurochild members in 22 countries. This report compiles information on children’s rights in the digital environment extracted from Eurochild’s…
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1 February 2024

Avoiding gaps in detecting and removing child sexual abuse online must be prioritised

Eurochild’s position on the proposed extension of the temporary derogation of the ePrivacy Directive, to allow the continuation of voluntary detection of child sexual abuse online. The temporary derogation of…
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26 January 2024

Romania's Child Guarantee National Action Plan - An overview

2021 was a turning point in the fight against child poverty, with the launch of two landmark initiatives, the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and the European Child…
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24 January 2024

Northern Ireland - 2023 Country Profile

Read our latest 2023 country profile with feedback from our member from Northern Ireland This country profile is taken from "Children's Rights: Political will or won't?" , our 2023 report on children in…
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