Slovakia - Country Profile on the European Semester and COVID-19 crisis

The government’s support to families and children during the crisis was inadequate. The Slovak government did not address the needs of families and children adequately during the pandemic. In particular,…

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  • Coalition for Children - Slovakia

    National Partner Network

    Coalition for Children – Slovakia’s goal is to promote, defend and fulfill the rights, needs and interests of children under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Optional Protocols. The Coalition monitors the situation of children in Slovakia and advocates for the rights and needs of children in regards to various actors (government, public administration, other institutions and public as such). It also promotes the active participation of children in adopting and implementing decisions affecting their rights, needs and life and contributes to the empowerment of organisations working with children in order to promote the best interests of the child.


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31 January 2023

Slovakia - Country Profile 2022 on children in need

Eurochild recently published a new report, (In)visible children, on the situation of children in need across Europe. Read feedback from our members from Slovakia on the European Semester, on EU…
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22 December 2021

DataCare Country Overview - Slovakia

In the context of the DataCare project, key data on children in alternative care for each country in EU and the UK have been analysed to map how EU Member…
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