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With your support we will continue to work to end child poverty, to strengthen families and communities and to end institutional care for children throughout Europe.

Join the Eurochild community for a society where all children and young people grow up happy, healthy, confident and respected as individuals in their own right.

Why Eurochild?

Across Europe 1 in 4 children are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Several hundreds of thousands of children are growing up in large-scale, segregated institutional care settings where their development is at serious risk.

Lack of resources and services in the first 1000 days of children lives leave them exposed to adversity that will impact their entire lives.

Changing this reality requires the work of millions and the right public funding and regulations do make the difference.

Eurochild advocates for children's rights and wellbeing by influencing EU policy making and funding. We work in synergy with hundreds of organisations and individuals so that the right EU policies, legislations and funds bring about positive change at national level. We build bridges between communities, families, children and young people and the European institutions.

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Children and young people are at the core of everything Eurochild does. Children can’t vote, but they have a key stake in Europe’s future. We support the direct involvement of children and young people in our work. Eurochild also supports others, including the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the European Fundamental Rights Agency to engage directly with children.

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