Eurochild Children's Council

The Eurochild Children’s Council (ECC) is a selected group of children supported by Eurochild members from different countries around Europe. They play an advisory role in relation to Eurochild’s key advocacy priorities, governance decisions and our flagship biennial conference.

Besides monthly meetings with the Secretariat child participation team, the ECC is represented at Eurochild management board meetings, and provides input to different projects.

Additionally, the children are creating and leading their own initiatives and campaigns. The ECC is essential to ensuring the interests and voices of children are directly represented in the work of Eurochild.

The ECC has a mandate of two years. The first ECC was established in July 2017 and ran until April 2019. They worked towards mainstreaming children’s voices through all Eurochild’s work, with a focus on advocacy, events and strategy planning. They supported the Eurochild network in reaching a high standard in participatory practices.

The current ECC was inaugurated in April 2019. It is composed of 12 children:

  • Ranya: Slovenia
  • June: Spain
  • Una: Serbia
  • Victor: UK
  • Eetu: Finland
  • Petra: Croatia
  • Kärg: Estonia
  • Andreas: Cyprus
  • Yevhen: Ukraine
  • Sioda: Ireland
  • Martina: Malta
  • Milena: Bulgaria

Watch the YouTube playlist below and meet them one by one!

Watch their Activity report video from the Eurochild Assembly 2020

Eurochild Children's Council October meeting