Global & European Trends of Deinstitutionalisation for Children

Save the Date: 19 May, 17:30 – 19:00

Eurochild and Martin James Foundation will run the ‘Global & European Trends of Deinstitutionalisation for Children’ session at DJHT, the biggest child & youth welfare summit in Europe organised by Eurochild member AGJ.

Since 1964 the Child and Youth Welfare Association (AGJ) organises a DJHT every three or four years. Attendance is free of charge. This three-day event is attended by around 30,000 experts and other interested individuals from all over Germany and Europe to exchange opinions, experiences and strengthen networks.

This expert forum aims to provide a space for leading experts and practitioners to discuss developments towards family-based care and reflect on researches, experiences and practices in the EU and globally. Taking into account that deinstitutionalisation is one of the funding priorities of the EU funds 2021-27 for all Member States. Moreover, the European Child Guarantee Recommendation will address the needs of children in adversity.

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  • Charles H. Zeanah, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, New Orleans University, USA;
  • Galina Markova, Know-how Centre for Alternative Care for Children, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria;
  • Katarina Ivanković-Knežević, Director for Social Affairs & Inclusion, DG EMPL, the European Commission;
  • Benjamin Strahl, University of Hildesheim, Institute for Social Pedagogy and Organizational Studies, Germany;
  • Carolin Ehlke University of Hildesheim, Institute for Social Pedagogy and Organizational Studies, Germany;
  • Katharina Höffken, a member of Careleaver e. V. and social worker, Germany.


  • Jana Hainsworth, Secretary General, Eurochild, Belgium;
  • Justin Rogers, CEO, Martin James Foundation, the UK.

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