The DataCare Project was launched by Eurochild with support from UNICEF in March 2020. The project aims to carry out a comprehensive mapping of child protection data systems across the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU) and the UK. In addition to providing an overview of the situation of children in alternative care in Europe, this project aims to inform EU efforts to agree comparable benchmarks and indicators to monitor progress in child protection reforms across Europe. The DataCare project seeks to seize the opportunity created by the European Child Guarantee and the eagerness of the EU to better monitor progress towards deinstitutionalisation by providing evidence of comparable benchmarks and indicators and developing the case for these at EU and Member State level.

Webinar: Introduction to the DataCare research

Take a look at the Logic Model

Agata D’Addato, Senior Project Manager, Eurochild
Ciaran O’Donnell, Policy and Project Assistant, Eurochild

Research Contacts
Senior Research Coordinator
Gaspar Fajth, Eurochild’s contracted expert to lead the work around mapping of European child protection data systems
Research Advisory Group
Maria Herczog, Chair and Chief Scientific Advisory
Florence Koenderink, Technical Advisory and Editor, Family Based Solutions
Sérgio Hugo Costa Araújo, Independent Researcher
Astrid Podsiadlowski, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
Judith Harwin, University of Lancaster
Harriet Ward, University of Oxford
Cecilia MacIntyre and Louise Scott, Directorate for Education Analytical Services, Scottish Government
Dominic Richardson, UNICEF Innocenti
Lacy Dicharry, the International Foster Care Organisation (IFCO)

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