Ending institutional care and reforming child protection

The Martin James Foundation is supporting Eurochild’s efforts to end institutional care and reform child welfare and protection systems across Europe. We advocate to ensure EU funds prioritise deinstitutionalisation reforms. Together with members we leverage EU policies and funds to influence policy and public spending at national level.

Our partnership with the Martin James Foundation supports Eurochild’s thematic working group on children in alternative care. 

This includes:

  • tracking trends, analysing country contexts and identifying gaps across Europe
  • providing capacity building to members to strengthen their EU and national level advocacy
  • providing tailored technical support through training and sub-granting (first phase of support to organisations in Greece, Poland and Croatia)

This partnership builds on the achievements of the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign.

Eurochild is an active partner in the European Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional to Community based care.