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1 December 2021

Invisible children: The rights of children living in institutions

On 29 November 2021 Eurochild spoke at an online Greek conference co-organised by the Foster parents and Volunteers Network Right to the Family and the Development Company O.M.A.TH. S.A.E./O.T.A.The event launched…
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30 November 2021

Survey reveals unequal access to remote learning for Greek children during pandemic

Eurochild Greek member Network of Children’s Rights have published a research report on distance learning during COVID.The questionnaire started in March 2020 as Greek schools across the country stopped in-class lessons…
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26 November 2021

Joint Statement - Call on the EU: Restore Rights and Values at Europe’s Borders

Eurochild signed a statement by ECRE on the continuing humanitarian crisis at the borders between the EU and Belarus. The Statement calls for a strong response from the EU, EU…
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24 November 2021

Are schools in Europe today fit for purpose?

Ahead of World Children’s Day 2021, Eurochild and its members in the ICAM Programme discussed solutions on how to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on children’s right to education.…
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24 November 2021

Making rights real: EU officials discover children’s participation

What does a policy officer do? That’s a question that not only children, but adults ask as well. Using child friendly language, involving children in decisions that affect their lives…
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17 November 2021

How are Eurochild members marking Universal Children’s Day 2021?

Every year, the Universal Children’s Day on 20 November is a special occasion for the children’s rights movement to celebrate achievements and reflect on how far we have come and…
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