5 things you need to know about the annual gathering of Eurochild members

Discover all the action from the annual gathering of Eurochild members on 18-19 April 2018.

1. 171 Members in 34 countries

Eurochild General Assembly voted to invite 18 new members to the family! Following the votes, we now have 171 members representing 34 countries! The children’s rights community is getting bigger! The induction helped the new members get clearer idea of the composition of the network and identify opportunities for them to get more involved! 

2. Biggest turnout ever

160 participants joined the General Assembly in Brussels, making it the biggest turnout ever! This number includes 12 children and young people under 18 years, who form part of the Eurochild Children’s Council which is helping the network embed children’s participation into the network! These young participants brought their own opinions, ideas to each workshop and panel discussion. Check out the photos from the two days!

3. 3 goals for the next 3 years

A new Strategic Plan for 2019-2021 was adopted by the membership after many rounds of consultation with members, external actors in area of children’s rights and children themselves. This new Strategic Plan commits Eurochild network to 3 goals for the upcoming 3 years! 
Find out more about our goals

4. 22 National Partner Networks in 18 countries

Plataforma de Infancia, Spain joins the group of national coalitions of children’s rights organisations that represent Eurochild in national advocacy efforts. We are delighted to have a strong presence in Spain thanks to Plataforma and look forward to addressing children’s rights in a country that faces the after-effects of austerity measures. 

5. 2 new Management Board members take over

We are delighted to have Mariana Pisarska from National Network for Children Bulgaria and Miia Pitkänen from Central Union for Child Welfare, Finland joining the Management Board! 

Want to know more about Eurochild’s work, then check out our Annual Report for 2017, also released last week!

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