The Eurochild network has shown great resilience in 2020, despite the challenges of the pandemic. We are proud of our collective achievements which would not have been possible without the extraordinary commitment of our management board, secretariat team, members, the children and young people involved in our activities, as well as donors, partners and allies.

 We are thankful in particular to:

The Management Board for their leadership and strategic guidance

  • H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Honorary Member, Malta - President
  • Ljiljana Vasic, Pomoc Deci, Serbia – Treasurer & appointed Vice President
  • Sean O’Neill, Children in Wales, UK - appointed Vice President
  • Mariana Pisarska, National Network for Children, Bulgaria
  • Miia Pitkänen, Central Union for Child Welfare, Finland
  • Uroš Brezovšek, Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth, Slovenia
  • Adrian Oros, Hope and Hopes for Children Romania, Romania

The Secretariat team

The Secretariat is the ‘engine room’ of the Eurochild network. We thank our staff and interns for their hard work in 2020. A special acknowledgement to Réka Tunyogi who left the Eurochild Secretariat in December after 9 years building and leading Eurochild’s advocacy.

Executive Team
Jana Hainsworth, Secretary General
Valeria Santostefano, Director of Programmes
Andrea Witt, Director of Operations
Axelle Stainier, Director of Finance

Prerna Humpal, Head of Communications
Jeta Bejtullahu, Head of Communications (maternity cover)
Davide Rambaldi, Communications Officer

Policy, Advocacy and Programmes
Réka Tunyogi, Head of Advocacy
Agata D’Addato, Senior Project Manager
Zuzana Konradova, Thematic Coordinator - Children in Alternative Care
Ciaran O'Donnell, Policy and Project Assistant
Enrico Paolo Tormen, EU Affairs Assistant

Child Participation
Mieke Schuurman, Senior Advisor - Child Rights & Safeguarding
Alice Hagger-Vaughan, Child Participation Officer
Jens Ladekarl, Child Participation and Conference Assistant

Young professionals who contributed through our internship programmes in 2020:
• Amy Leete, Communications Intern (from September 2019 – February 2020)
• Rebecca Holst Fredslund, Communications Intern (from March 2020 – August 2020)
• Jennifer Traini, Communications Intern (from October 2020)
• Anastesia Mondesir, Policy and Advocacy Intern (from March 2020 - September 2020)
• Iulita Osichenko, Policy and Advocacy Intern (from October 2020)

The Members of the Eurochild network

Eurochild has 185 members from 35 countries across Europe.  We are grateful to all those who dedicated their precious time to achieve our shared goals. We rely on members’ active engagement to bring about changes in the lives of children all over Europe.

Please consult the list of members in 2020.

The Eurochild Children’s Council

  • June, Spain: University of Deusto
  • Milena, Bulgaria: Safer Internet Center
  • Yevhen, Ukraine: EduKids
  • Victor, UK: Children in Wales
  • Kärg, Estonia: Estonian Union for Child Welfare
  • Martina, Malta: The Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society
  • Andreas, Cyprus: PCCPWC - Cyprus Children's Parliament
  • Sioda, Ireland: Children's Right Alliance Ireland (Foroige)
  • Eetu, Finland: Central Union for Child Welfare
  • Petra, Croatia: Society "Our children" Opatija
  • Una, Serbia: Child Rights Centre
  • Ranya, Slovenia: Legal-Informational Centre

Thank you for the inspirational work carried out throughout the year.  Thank you for your ideas and advice and for facilitating the involvement of more children and young people in our activities.

Eurochild’s allies and partners in 2020 for helping us achieving our impact

Our funding partners

  • European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion, Disability & Inclusion Unit
  • European Commission, DG Justice, Fundamental Rights Policy Unit
  • OAK Foundation
  • Open Society Foundation – Early Childhood Programme
  • Martin James Foundation
  • UNICEF Regional Office for Europe & Central Asia

Our pro-bono partner

  • Dentons

Umbrella networks and coalitions Eurochild is part of

  • EU Alliance for Investing in Children
  • Global Coalition to End Child Poverty
  • European Expert Group on the transition from institutional to community-based support
  • European Public Health Alliance
  • Social Platform
  • Child Rights Connect
  • Child Rights Action Group
  • European Anti-Poverty Network
  • Initiative for Children in Migration
  • Civil Society Liaison Group of the EESC

Our consultants

  • Gaspar Fajth, Child Protection Consultant, currently Senior Regional Adviser, UNICEF South Asia
  • Mária Herczog, Senior Policy Analyst, Institute for Human Services, Columbus, Ohio, US
  • Florence Koenderink, Independent Researcher
  • Sara Hammerton, Freelance English translator and editor
  • Veronique Lerch, Human Rights Consultant
  • Jonathan Ellis, Campaigner, Teacher, Catalyst
  • Jennifer Baker, Freelance EU Correspondent
  • Kevin Jackson, CRM Consultant
  • Gilles Klass, ExecAdvice
  • Frazer Goodwin, Human Ecology Consulting Brussels
  • John Stringer, Berkley Associates

Our contractors & service providers

  • Design & printing: Page in Extremis, L’Union
  • IT Support: B&B Computer Solutions
  • Accountancy & auditing: Danielle Ost, Danielle Quivy
  • Website: Wikafi, ACW
  • Facilitation of the General Assembly: Visuality
  • Visual notes: Drawnalism
  • Media & campaigning support: FleishmanHillard, Edelman

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