Calling on the European Commission for a European Civil Society Strategy

Eurochild joins more than 300 organisations calling on the European Commission to include in the work programme of 2023 a proposal for a European Civil Society Strategy

Civil society organisations' rapid mobilisations and recommendations have been and are essential in the context of the multifaceted crises affecting our societies which each time exacerbate the many vulnerabilities people are confronted with, such as the financial crisis in the early 2010s, the COVID-19 pandemic, the humanitarian crisis following the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the environmental catastrophes resulting from the climate emergency.

Unfortunately, evidence from the field shows growing obstacles and attacks affecting civil society’s ability to act in full capacities and independence. As a result of these attacks, our collective European future is jeopardised.

On 9 May, the Conference on the Future of Europe adopted the conclusions and recommendations which recognise the important role of civil society at national and European level and the need of a comprehensive European Civil Society Strategy.

We urge the European Commission to safeguard civil society space by developing, in cooperation with CSOs and human rights defenders, a comprehensive European civil society strategy before the end of the current five-years term.

Read the full letter to Ms Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

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