Child Poverty - Eurochild’s achievements in 2022

The adoption of the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and the European Child Guarantee in 2021 were important milestones, but the journey is far from over. The rising costs of living and energy prices are regressing the progress made towards ending child poverty.

The Child Guarantee is a timely opportunity for EU Member States to help families in need by guaranteeing all children's access to key services. If implemented, monitored, and evaluated comprehensively, this initiative could prove incredibly effective in the fight against child poverty.

Our achievements in 2022:

  • Together with nine Eurochild members, we set up a Child Guarantee Taskforce to identify a range of recommendations for all Member States and we recently published specific recommendations for six countries, Bulgaria, GermanyGreeceIrelandItaly and Spain. The work of the Taskforce was included in over 60 meetings and events with EU Institutions, including meetings and events with rotating Council Presidencies from Slovenia, France and Czechia. It was also shared directly by the European Commission with all Child Guarantee National Coordinators, who were strongly recommended to read our Country Reports and reach out to engage with Civil Society Organisations.
  • Four members were supported in implementing national-level activities to support its implementation. In particular, Eurochild co-funded its member Plataforma de Infancia’s guide for Spanish agents involved in the area of childhood to learn about the investment needs identified within the EU, and how they will be reflected in the different EU funds.
  • We developed one-page overviews of the Child Guarantee National Action Plans (NAPs) that summarise key elements and have provided our members with an advocacy tool to either support or further advocate for specific elements of the NAPs.
  • On 4 March, Eurochild participated in the Ministerial Conference on the Implementation of the European Child Guarantee, organised by the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Paris. Moreover, on 7 and 8 July we participated in the Czechia Presidency event focusing on the Child Guarantee in Prague.
  • In November, we participated in a public hearing organised by the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) regarding the “Analysis of Child Guarantee National Action Plans”.
  • To ensure that the continuing impact of COVID-19 is on the agenda of decision-makers in the EU, on the 8 of December we presented at a public hearing on “Socio-economic impact and the effects of the COVID-19 on children” organised by the Special Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In December we released the (In)visible Children report which highlights the recommendations and priorities that EU decision-makers and national governments can work on to support the most vulnerable children and prevent widening inequalities. 
  • As a member of the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, Eurochild, together with our members across Europe, is contributing to achieving a new global agenda to end child poverty.

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