Child rights experts call on future European Parliament members to become Child Rights Champions

EU Elections candidates are invited to sign the Child Rights Manifesto and form a new Intergroup on Children's Rights.

Eurochild and the other 22 child rights organisations that form the #VoteforChildren coalition, ask candidates to secure and advance children’s rights by:

  • Mainstreaming and protecting children’s rights
  • Breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality by investing in children
  • Engaging with children

The coalition produced a Manifesto in advance of the upcoming EU Elections on 6 to 9 June 2024 outlining concrete measures to address the challenges faced by children. From education to mental health, from bullying to violence prevention, the manifesto advocates for policies that prioritise children’s well-being. It’s a call to action—a commitment to ensuring that every child’s voice is heard and their rights protected at all levels of decision-making.

The campaign hopes to see a new Intergroup on Children’s Rights being formed after the elections. The Intergroup is a formal body in the European Parliament that mainstreams children’s rights and assesses the impact of legislative and non-legislative work on children. It is a cross-party, group of committed members of the EU Parliament, who work with child-focused organisations to keep children’s rights on top of the EU agenda.

During the campaign launch at the European Parliament in Brussels on 21 March 2024 the #EuropeKidsWant survey results were also unveiled. Over 9,200 children from diverse backgrounds and across Europe were consulted and shared their concerns and aspirations. 80% of children worry about global conflicts, half of them feel unsafe online, while 36% of LGBTQI+ children reported insecurity within their own homes. Under each survey topic, there are. Read the full report to know more about what children want and to read recommendations for the new Members of the European Parliament and European Commission leadership.

The children’s ask is clear: they want the EU to act now to protect their present and build a brighter future!

Sign the Manifesto now and commit to becoming a Child Rights Champion in your next mandate

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