Childhood in War - 100 Days Of International Armed Conflict In Ukraine

Eurochild member Polina Klykova publishes a brochure on the impact of war on children’s rights based on statistics and private stories.

This publication is the first one in a series of combined notes about childhood during the war with a key focus on the reporting on violations of children’s rights: right to live and survive, right to health and development, right to be protected from abuse and exploitation, right to family in the context of abductions and deportations.

The purpose of the brochure, which is part of the initiative run by Polina, is to communicate the situation of children during the conflict in Ukraine with a hope to strengthen the call to action, to ensure children’s rights and well-being are prioritised and to review some approaches to child protection.

The publication features stories such as the one of Daryna, 13, who lost her father and was shot by Russian troops, but survived as she pretended to be dead. Nowadays, she lives with her mother and her younger sister.

Many children have been killed or injured by shelling, shooting or by mine explosions. According to the Ukrainian National Bureau, thousands of children have been separated by their families and are now in Russia. Many travelled alone within Ukraine and across the borders with the EU without their parents or legal guardians.

Warning: the content of the publication might be distressing.

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