Children of Opatija prepare for Eurochild Conference

The Children's City Council is a legal body that meets regularly with the Mayor of Opatija, Croatia. This week, they uncovered the Eurochild mascots, Max and Laura!

The Children's City Council met earlier this week with the Mayor of Opatija, Croatia. They discussed the Eurochild conference, "Building a better Europe with children: All Aboard!", hosted by Society 'Our Children' Opatija and the City of Opatija on 29-31 October 2018. Together, they solved a giant cube puzzle to uncover the visual of Max and Laura, Eurochild's mascots arriving in Croatia! 

What is the Children's City Council?

The Children's City Council was established in March 2001 in the City of Opatija, under its programme of action as a Child-Friendly City. The Children's City Council is a legal body that allows children to present their proposals for the city to consider. They can propose actions on a range of issues, from promoting children's rights, to infrastructure projects of importance to the whole community. A Children's Mayor represents the children of Opatija and presides over their meetings. Opinions of the Children's City Council are submitted to the competent bodies of the city administration and schools, which are obliged to consider and report on the conclusions in writing to the Children's City Council and the City Council of the City of Opatija.

The Children's City Council independently decides on the budget of the Children's Council of Towns, which is provided in the Budget of the City of Opatija. The City Council for Children cooperates with the same or similar bodies of other units of local or regional self-government in the country and abroad.

Petra, the current Children's Mayor, is a student of VIII grade and is getting ready to introduce her work to the rest of the over 300 participants expected at the Eurochild Conference. The conference will demonstrate why involvement of children in decision-making processes brings positive outcomes, both for the children and young people involved, for communities and for society at large, for example by promoting social inclusion and community engagement. 

Watch Petra interviewing Opatija's Mayor: 

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