EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child informed by children’s views

The EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child has been developed with the participation of 10,000 children aged 11-17 across Europe and beyond to inform the content of the Strategy and the Child Guarantee.

Children have been consulted on their lives, aspirations and concerns for the future, which resulted in ‘Our Europe, Our Rights, Our Future’ . This also led to EU developing a child-friendly version of the EU Strategy, thus meeting one of the requests of children that the EU develops accessible documents for children and involves children in this.  Children involved in the EU Forum on the Rights of the Child have also contributed to the EU Strategy.

The EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child is made up of 6 thematic pillars and for each pillar we have looked at how children’s views were taken into account. The European Commission is to be complemented for taking many of the children’s recommendations into account, though some of the recommendations have not been (fully) addressed or been left to Member States.

Eurochild created a child friendly overview of what has been taken into account and what not, and shared the findings with the children involved in the consultation. Please note that the overview may be subject to change after listening to the European Commission and comments from the children.