Eurochild's Ukrainian members protecting the right of children to be children during war

Twelve months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Eurochild takes stock of the work done on the ground.

BRUSSELS, 24 February 2023 - War is not only a threat to children’s safety in the present but also a risk for their future. War limits access to fundamental services and infrastructures, such as schools, medicines, hospitals, and early childhood facilities and leaves many children displaced far from home at a high risk of abuse and trafficking.Children should be enjoying their rights to learn, do sports and play. Even the graduation celebration, known as ‘last bells’ has been replaced by the noise of sirens.

“1 in 5 of Eurochild’s members are in and around Ukraine. They have been, and continue working day in day out, on the ground, with decision-makers to safeguard children’s best interests. They have and are an inspiration to all and Eurochild is truly proud of them.

The testimonies and work of Eurochild’s members show what Ukrainian children not only need now, but also in the future. Their work is putting a further spotlight on the need to ensure EU financial support, on the short, medium and long term.  Please help Eurochild to continue to support and amplify their work.” -Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Eurochild President.

Our members have been providing direct assistance to the children and families:

  • Voices of Children has been providing psychological assistance to children of war for 7 years. They use art therapy and storytelling to support children’s well-being (helping children who suffer from PTSD) and provide financial support to families impacted by the war. Voices also collect stories from children. Children’s quotes have been featured in a book along with artworks donated by artists from around the world.
  • International Leadership and Development Center runs classes, consultations, webinars and support groups. They have trained more than 1,000 professionals and helped 138 children aged 5-10 years old and 880 parents and specialists. They also disseminate informational materials via social media.
  • Partnership for Every Child gives psychological support and social services to veterans and military families. They also collect household equipment and toys for families impacted by the war and provide support to authorities in monitoring and ensuring the protection and basic needs of children in care.
  • Edukids focuses on education, child participation, dyslexia and the promotion of children’s rights and the welfare of children in Ukraine. They now fundraise for the victims of shelling.
  • Polina Klykova promotes children’s rights, conducts relevant legal analysis, provides consultations and trainings, and engages children in human rights initiatives. Since the war escalation, she has been researching the impact of war on children’s rights, staying involved in humanitarian aid, and advocating for children’s rights implementation in different fields of practice. Polina is also the founder of and has published a first brochure focusing on violations of children’s rights, and a second one on education, health, and identity.

Even if the conflict would cease today, organisations and institutions will have a lot of work to do to support the needs of children in Ukraine. Eurochild is working with members, national governments, and EU institutions to defend the right of Ukraine’s children to a safe, happy, healthy childhood.

Support our members by promoting their work and donating to them.

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