Ireland can lead the way in ensuring Member States focus on putting children first

On 24 May, Eurochild Secretary General, Jana Hainsworth, joined a webinar organised by Eurochild member, Children’s Rights Alliance, to discuss the potential of the EU Child Guarantee.

More than 100 people attended a webinar organised by Eurochild member, Children’s Rights Alliance Ireland focused on how the European Child Guarantee can be used in Ireland to tackle child poverty.

In his keynote, Minister of State at the Department of Rural and Community Development, Joe O'Brien, emphasised how the Child Guarantee is an opportunity to ‘re-focus’ and ‘re-evaluate’ efforts to tackle child poverty in Ireland. He talked about the acute concerns over family homelessness, food poverty and deprivation faced by children from the Traveller Community in Ireland: all problems that the Child Guarantee can help to address.  He mentioned the government’s commitment to engage with civil society in preparing their national action plan and strengthening investment in communities and early intervention.  He praised Children’s Rights Alliance Ireland for the way they represent interests across the sector, listen to voices from the ground, and spark public debate.

Eurochild and Hugh Frazer brought an EU perspective, emphasising the importance of Ireland championing an ambitious Child Guarantee within the EU Council.  The only EU Member State with a Minister for Children, Ireland can lead the way in ensuring child poverty gets the priority it deserves at EU level.

In a second panel a broad range of actors across civil society and government representatives discussed how the Child Guarantee can help to make a positive difference in Ireland.

The implementation of the Child Guarantee in Ireland will be led by a new dedicated unit within the The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth. For more information, contact the Children’s Rights Alliance Ireland.

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