Meet Fanni!

Meet Fanni, our new Membership and Network Development Officer

Fanni started as the new Membership and Network Development Officer at Eurochild on Monday. She will be responsible for communicating, networking and organizing events with all Eurochild members. She will also be in charge of membership engagement, administration and recruitment. In addition she will support our work with the National Partner Networks.

Fanni has a background in law and human rights. In recent years, she has been working with different NGOs, IOs and EU institutions in the area of the rights of the child in Europe and beyond. Besides that, she is passionate about working with children, she has several years of experience teaching literature, children’s rights and holding human rights workshops for them. Originally she is from Hungary but in the last years, she lived in Finland, Cyprus, Austria, Cambodia and in the USA. Besides being a globetrotter, she likes to spend her free time outdoors with her friends or to go to theaters and art exhibitions. Please feel free to contact her on her email address:

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