Our Outreach and Communications in 2023

Annual Report 2023.

After the online General Assembly on 16-17 May 2023, the Eurochild network reached 200 members in 42 countries. In 2023 we gave visibility to our members by co-creating 58 articles and blogs showcasing their work at the national level.

In 2023 Eurochild staff members participated in 279 external meetings and events. Among those, 29 were with European Parliament representatives, 27 with representatives of the European Commission, 4 with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), 3 with United Nations institutions and one with the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). Eurochild met other civil society organisations 70 times.

Eurochild’s leading role and best practices as a knowledge broker for child well-being in Europe are recognised in a 2023 OECD working paper. Eurochild and some of its members (Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Central Union for Child Welfare, and the Netherlands Youth Institute) are among the organisations highlighted as a best practice to achieve impact for children’s rights.

Going outside the “Brussels Bubble”

We produced 10 videos and increased the number of visuals used on social media and website to increase our readership and make more interactive content. We focused on creativity to produce content differently from the usual and more formal EU communications. For example:

  • We worked with the Eurochild Childrens’ Council and an illustrator to draw a child-friendly version of our upcoming new child protection policy.
  • We created a crossword puzzle with questions on children’s rights and our network.
  • We collaborated with an advertising agency and easyJet to display our call for donations on flight tickets leaving Brussels Airport in August.
  • In December we created the Help Us Make Children in Europe Visible video imagining a city without children


Several media outlets showcased the work of our network, among them:

  • On 14 November the Eurochild President spoke live on Al Jazeera TV about the war in Gaza.
  • Eurochild management board member Sérgio Costa Araújo wrote an opinion piece for the Portuguese newspaper Público featuring the findings of Eurochild Report Invisible Children.
  • “European children's rights group urges EU to take action in response to Israel's war crimes”- Our statement on Palestine was featured in one of the main Turkish agencies, Anadolu Agency (AA) in an article.
  • We published an article on our flagship report on and later advertised our report on Euractiv’s The Capitals newsletters (29/01/24 newsletter; 02/02/24 newsletter ) and their website.
  • Our Reaching In project was featured on the European Commission website.


Eurochild’s work and resources were mentioned in several books, academic articles, papers and international publications, including:

Social Media and Website Statistics

Our followers and subscribers kept growing!

  • We reached 6.3K followers on Linkedin (+ 2.5K followers!); 11.1K on X/Twitter (+390), 8.7K on Facebook (+400); 1.5K on Instagram (+300)
  • Our website had more than 34.2K views from more than 8.5K users
  • We sent 11 InfoFlash newsletters to members (700+ contacts) with an average opening rate of 45,28%
  • We sent 11 eNews Bulletin (public) newsletters to 3K contacts with an average opening rate of 33,73%
  • For the First Years, First Priority campaign we published 11 articles, 6 reports, 9 newsletters (with an average opening rate of 46.5%) and had 11K views on our campaign website.

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