Ranya's appeal for children in Slovenia

Listen to our Eurochild Children's Council member Ranya send a message on COVID-19 in Slovenia

Ranya, a member of Eurochild Children's Council has sent a video message to children and adults, governments and local authorities in her country, Slovenia to support children from socially disadvantaged families. 

Hi Slovenia,

I'm Ranya, I'm 12 years old and I come from Kranj.

We are all at home these days and distance learning is taking place. Children from socially disadvantaged families are also at home. Many of them receive free meals at school, both, snack and warm lunch, and for many children this is the only daily warm meal.

However, now there are no lessons at school and that means also no daily warm meals at school. Will parents be able to provide these children with adequate nutrition?

I believe that in certain places, people have already organized themselves and help such families. I warmly welcome this and I can only say: Keep it on!

I appeal on municipalities and their mayors not to forget about socially disadvantaged families at this time. I urge you to contact schools that know which children are those that need help. Municipalities, you can prepare food packages or vouchers for such families, and arrange with the schools to provide you a space where parents could pick up these help. 

Funds for this assistance may come from the municipality, but the municipality may also organize an account where donations would be collected. In that way everyone can help. And NGOs, you can help too. 

It is important, however, that in these days we don’t forget about these children and that we do something. At the local level and at the level of Slovenia. 

As you already know: Together we are strong and we will overcome also the current crisis.

And the last, I wish you to stay healthy, to stay at home and thus help to overcome the spread of this bad (infamous, horrible) virus! 

Watch her share her message from the couch in Slovenian

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