Roots Research Center trains 127 caregivers and social workers in Greece

The Athens-based Eurochild member delivered trauma-informed and attachment-aware care seminars to professionals working with children.

Roots Research Center was invited to deliver the training by the President of the Center of Social Protection of the Prefecture of Attica, which is responsible for 6 residential units for children aged 0-18 and adults with disabilities.

The 2-day long seminars which run from 8 May to 7 June 2023, were developed by experts on trauma-informed and attachment-aware care. Roots Research Center visited 4 residential care units and trained more than 127 caregivers, social workers, nurses and other staff who work with children. The seminars were tailored for people working 8 hours a day, all year around with vulnerable children with or without disabilities.

The importance and value of the training is for professionals to be able to understand children’s needs, but also understand their own limits in order to be effective and make decisions that will benefit each child's life in a therapeutic way.

Roots Research Center NGO was founded in 1999 by Mary Theodoropoulou and has been promoting the rights of children in alternative care and the rights of adult adoptees. It was the Greek National Coordinator of the Opening Doors Campaign for Europe’s Children and received technical assistance and support from Eurochild and the Martin James Foundation from 2020-2022.

Take a look at the slideshow below:

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