Statement - War in Ukraine: Putting Children First

Together with our members, Eurochild is releasing a statement highlighting how the war in Ukraine is affecting children's chance to a happy and healthy life.

Since the beginning of the war, Eurochild has pivoted our work to better support our members working with children on the ground. We listened to their experiences, offered a safe space to share during our "Open Space for Solidarity" sessions and collected useful resources in our "Solidarity with Children of Ukraine Hub".

Eurochild's General Assembly and Members' Day on 10-11 May marked the perfect occasion to gather with members, reflect on our shared challenges and draw a path forward.

Because of the war in Ukraine, Europe is experiencing a child protection emergency on an unprecedented scale and the EU's resolve to implement the Child Rights Strategy and the European Child Guarantee.

Together with our members, we are releasing a statement explaining why we see this crisis as an opportunity to further strengthen and harmonise child protection systems in Europe. Because every child deserves to grow up happy, healthy, confident, and respected as an individual in their own right is being tested by the circumstances of this crisis.

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