What kind of Europe do we want to live in?

The children from the Croatian National Eurochild Forum (NEF) met from 26 to 28 November 2021 to discuss the Europe they would like to live, ideas for how to mark Europe Day 2022, mental health issues and the international year of fruits and vegetables. They also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Children's City Council of Opatija. 

National Eurochild Forums (NEFs) are groups of children from diverse backgrounds responsible for collecting and investigating the views of children across their country. NEFs offer a platform for children to discuss issues of concern in their country and to bring this to the attention of European and national policy makers.

The NEF Croatia includes children from different cities and parts of Croatia as well as from the network of young advisors for the Ombudsman of Croatia and Opatija's Children's City Council. The 2-year mandate of the current group is currently coming to an end. In their evaluation activity the children were very positive about the NEF and wished for more of these kind of meetings and for an exchange with children in other countries. Children also made a video to recruit new members for the NEF Croatia.

The children of the NEF Croatia reached the following conclusions:

1. Promotion of the EU Strategy on Children's Rights

"In accordance with the goals of the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, we should work on the highest quality and most modern education of children, implementation of education on child participation, education on mental health, assistance with peer violence, etc .; advocating for children's participation to become part of everyday life (especially in schools). We would like to present the work of NEF Croatia and the goals of the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child in our schools and to local and national authorities."

2. Meetings of Children and Adults

"We would like to have a better communication and promotion of the work of NEF Croatia at the national level, for example organise a meeting in the Croatian Parliament to present our work and its role with the Children's Council of the Republic of Croatia."

3. Greater Cooperation with other Councils/ Networks at National and European Level

"We would like more joint projects at the national level, for example with the Network of Young Advisers to the Ombudsperson for Children and cooperation with the Eurochild Children's Council (joint meetings and projects)."

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