A child-friendly report: What do children think about the ways governments spend their money?

A child-friendly report that asked children about how they thought governments should spend money for children’s rights

The consultation, involving 2693 children from 71 different countries, demonstrates that children have clear views about how governments should spend money in ways that will realize children’s rights and that they are able and willing to share these views. The children contributed through online surveys but also face-to-face conversations. 

The children said that money should be spent in a way that allows all children to enjoy their right. But 3 out of 5 (59%) children did not think this was how money was spent in their country.‘Publish records of how the money is spent', children said. Also, children from different parts of the world agreed that governments should make sure spending helps children living in poverty, such as, children who are homeless, forced to work, or children living with very little money. 

The child-friendly version report is the result of the consultations held earlier this year by Child Rights Connect in preparation of the OHCHR report on 'Better investment on the rights of the child' and the forthcoming General Comment on Public Spending. Eurochild participated through its members who enabled the children to take part in the consultation.

Read the child-friendly report here.

Here you can find the full report with a summary of key findings.

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