Child Guarantee: An EU that helps fight child poverty

Eurochild produced a 2 pager to explain the European Child Guarantee and what it will help achieve.

Child Guarantee: what is it for? 

Child poverty is unacceptably high in Europe, one of the world’s wealthiest regions. Every fourth child in the European Union is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. A European Child Guarantee is planned to be included in the next EU budget (2021-2027). 

It should help Member States implement the European Commission Recommendation on Investing in Children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage. The Recommendation offers countries guidance on integrated strategies to tackle child poverty and promote children’s well-being.

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Inception report of Child Guarantee feasibility study 

The inception report for a wide-ranging feasibility study into the prospect of a Child Guarantee has been published by the European Commission. The study aims to assess the feasibility, implementation options and added value of a Child Guarantee, focusing on four specific groups of vulnerable or disadvantaged children.

Read the EU Alliance for Investing in Children (of which Eurochild is a member)'s statement on why the Child Guarantee is best launched in 2020 here. 

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