Denmark's 2024 Biennial report on the implementation of the Child Guarantee – an overview

Three years after the adoption of the European Child Guarantee, EU Member States are releasing the first report on its implementation. The reports offer an overview of the context, target groups, and services established to execute the European Child Guarantee’s National Action Plans. Additionally, they include sections covering indicators, financing details, and insights and conclusions gleaned from the implementation process.

Denmark submitted its 2024 Biennial report on the implementation of the Child Guarantee in May 2024.

The report focuses on:

  • Early childhood education and care: While the Act on ECEC mandates municipalities to subsidise 75% of the child care costs, the 2024 regulations set minimum adult to child ratios. The 1,000-day program supports vulnerable families. Legislation to limit the use of digital tools in ECEC will be effective from July 2024.
  • Education: As of 2021, mandatory tests for reading difficulties and a Notice Book for students with special needs have been introduced. The Children First initiative ensures education for vulnerable children, while a 2023 Government commission will focus on child wellbeing.
  • Healthy meals in schools: The Act on ECEC mandates healthy lunches in child care settings, while municipalities can establish meal schemes in schools. Parents receive financial support to ensure nutritious diets for children.
  • Housing: Housing support is available for low-income families. A 2023 reform introduces child allowances for leisure activities and medication. Municipalities manage access to social benefits. Single parents in Denmark also receive specific child allowances.
  • Healthcare: Expanded healthcare services are provided to families in need, including parents and pregnant women. All children receive preventive dental and medical care.
  • The Child’s Act: The 2024 Child´s Act ensures the right of the child to be heard in judicial proceedings.

Eurochild and its members will continue to call on Member States to release their biennial reports and work to ensure the Child Guarantee National Action Plans help end child poverty.

This summary provides key highlights from the Biennial report on the implementation of the Child Guarantee in Denmark, published in May 2024. It is not exhaustive or evaluative.